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The Leprosy Patients' Children's Education Fund (LPCEF - Build a Life)

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How it all Began..

In the year 1971, a conscientious pastor, a member of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ, began to take special interest in the leprosy patients, who had come to Delhi from many parts of India and had settled down in Anandgram and Seemapuri, beyond the Yamuna River near Shahadara. They earned their living by begging as they were shunned by society and had no other means to support themselves. He saw that the children of these persons needed to be educated, so that they could re-establish themselves in ordinary society. He approached a number of Christian schools and hostels to see whether they would be willing to take some of the children, whose parents wished but found it difficult to find places elsewhere. He was delighted with their understanding and ready response.

Then he found that when the need was known, the children in the Social Service League of a number of schools were happy to contribute towards the education of some children. Support also came from Church related organization and private donors who contributed monetarily to the benefit of these children. By May 1974 there were 32 children in hostels in and around Delhi . Thanks to the continued support from the beginning of the project. It was then that the Cathedral Church of the Redemption formed the Leprosy Patients Children's Education Fund.

The Scope of the Project.

The aim of this project was to educate these children up to the Higher Secondary/Senior Secondary level. Thereafter, depending on the aptitude of the child they were provided with higher academic, vocational or professional Training to equip them to earn their living and become useful citizens and be a help to their parents, and also become responsible members of our society.

The project is now managed by the Cathedral Church of the Redemption under the Chairmanship of the Presbyter-in-charge and the Honorary Secretary & Treasurer being ex-officio office bearers. The project is monitored and over seen by a committee who look after the educational and related needs of the children under the project. They are required to act as parents to these children adopted under the project by the Church. The members of the Project Committee visit the children periodically and oversee their academic and other social well being.

The children are taken once a year to a summer camp to any hill station or a tourist spot of interest. This camp helps in bridging the gap between the children and the Church and helps in developing a better rapport and understanding. During the camp the children spend a few days with the members of the Committee and other volunteers who get an opportunity to closely interact with them to understand their needs and requirements both academically and socially.

Christmas is a time for giving. At this time the children come to the church for the annual Christmas program when they are given gifts and the importance of learning to give is imbibed in them.

Present Status

At present there are 144 children under the project administered by Mrs. Anita Morris, Correspodent of the project. Most of these children have been put in various hostels in Delhi and NCT, primarily to move them to a different environment where they can concentrate on their academics and this has shown better academic results and the over all personality of the children has improved considerably. It would be worthwhile mentioning that 90% of the children under the project are non-Christians.

The children under the project fall under the age group of 5 to 21. The primary aim is to take these children under the project at the age of 5, which is the formative age, and give them a better and stronger foundation for life.


The cost of educating a child in hostel costs us over Rs, 40,000 per annum towards the School & Hostel fees. In the case of nursing students the cost is well over 4.00 lakhs of Rupees for a three-year course. This apart from their school and hostel fee, books, uniforms and other basic necessities of life, includes their travel expenses and the Annual Summer Camp when the children are taken for a holiday cum retreat for 4-5 days every year.

There are many children who can benefit from this project, but due to financial constraints the growth of the project is curtailed. Many sponsors too have withdrawn their support due to other commitments.


It is encouraging to note that children who have been associated with the Programme are now well settled in life. Amongst them we have Trained Graduate Teachers, Principals, Administrators who are working in recognized schools, few have completed their nurses training, and are working in good Hospitals, like the St. Stephen's Hospital, J.P. Narain Hospital; few children are working in reputed Private Companies, Government Organizations after finishing their Academic / Technical Training respectively, many other are well settled in life and their children excelling in studies. Some are gainfully employed including business and are well placed in life.

It is heartening to know that few children have started supporting the project financially as they are gainfully employed.

Donate to LPCEF and Build a Life......

LPCEF is currently seeking contributions from corporate and individuals to support this endeavor. Your donations will be fully used to assist the programme and for the development of the project.

Contributions for the project, can be sent by Cheque or Demand Drafts in favour of THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF THE REDEMPTION, NEW DELHI ?.

You may also credit it into our SWIFT Account mentioned below.

Our Bank details are as given below :

FCRA Account No 23638 with JANPATH Branch, New Delhi, India
Savings Bank A/c No 2141 with YOJANA BHAWAN Branch, New Delhi, India


1, Church Road, North Avenue, New Delhi-110 001, India

LPCEF Commitment Form/LPCEF Sponsorship Form

The Annual Garden Fete

The Annual Garden fete is a grand event that began on the first Saturday of February 1956.Our Garden Fete and Sale has always been a great time of fellowship and fun which has enabled us to work together as a Church family and also to raise the required money towards our LPCEF project and maintenance of our Church. Many of Church members contribute generously their precious time, talent and hard work towards this and we thank and pray that God would bless them abundantly.

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