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Pastor writes...

The shepherds know the traits of their sheep and the sheep would know the commands of the shepherd. Jesus uses this imagery of shepherd - sheep relationship to describe his relationship with his followers. Jesus presents himself as a good shepherd who knows his sheep. This knowledge is not merely an intellectual awareness but it is a knowledge which comes out of an initiate relationship (vs.27 also see John 10:14). The second dimension of this relationship is that we as sheep are to know our good shepherd (vs.27). The extent of us knowing Christ and how much far we obediently listen and follow his instructions and how much we are able to trust him for our needs and security. Yes there would be times that we may go astray and land up in problems, but Jesus is a Good Shepherd, because he will come out to search for us, he will find and restore us.

Dear God, we commit to be sincere sheep by following your command with faithfulness and trust.


Pastor Mohit Heinz Hitter


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