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Pastor writes...

Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her. (Mark 14:9)

Luke 15 speaks of a woman who had 10 coins which she lost and so she begins lighting the light, cleaning the house, and searching for that which was lost. In Rahab, we see a picture of God’s children being protected and covered. In Hosea, is a picture of the unfaithful church that has gone after other suitors. In Proverbs 31 a virtuous woman which pictures a church working for the cause of her bridegroom. In Mark 14, is a picture of another type of church who adores her Lord, her bridegroom, and worships him genuinely. Today, many churches fail to invest in worship enough, to understand it. The greatest demonstration of worship in the scripture is where no spoken word is used, but seen. In Revelation 1, John received a vision of the Lord Jesus and fell on his face as a ‘dead man. And the woman in today's passage, is applauded by Jesus himself for her worthy act. Her action, her attitude, and affection echoed worship. She came to simply honor Jesus with her gift. She brought the best she had and gave it to him. Interestingly, she didn't sing any hymns, or recite some liturgy. Her focus was on Jesus. She knew among all the other educated and spiritual people seated around Jesus, that worship is to give true worth to him who is truly worthy. Jesus himself throughout his ministry recognized women as a worshipper, as an evangelist, as a messenger, as a listener of his word. Jesus the creator always affirmed women.

Dear God, today may the church of God will affirm women as precious in the ministry of reconciliation and may you extend your protection as I remember all the lives lost due to road accidents. Amen

Dear God, thank you for making peace with me through the blood of Jesus and also for the unified stand of the churches in the communion. Help me too, to be a peacemaker wherever I go. Amen.


Pastor Mohit Heinz Hitter


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