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Pastor writes...

"Go," said Jesus, "you faith has healed you." (Mark 10:52a) (Mark 10:23)

Jesus is on his final journey to Jerusalem. He arrives in Jericho. It also happened to be the Passover time. Hence, not only Jesus, but many other Jews would also have been traveling to Jerusalem. Bartimaeus a blind beggar is introduced as son of Timaeus, which could mean that the people had a good knowledge of his background and possibly that he would have been begging for a long time. Jesus is seen asking a question, on what he should do. Jesus values the blind man's words and gives him an open invitation for healing. Bartimaeus would have never seen Jesus but would have heard about him. His faith led him to a journey where he became aware of Jesus and his works. He was persistent in his faith and kept asking for healing even when people around him tried to calm him down. His persistence in faith is met positively by Jesus. As Jesus asked him of what sort of healing he required, he quickly pointed out the lack of his sight. He knew what he wanted the most. He had only one demand. His faith took him to a pilgrimage where along with self-realization, he realized who Jesus was.

God, help us not to be arrogant in our faith journey. Protect us from the feeling of superiority and enable us to respect every faith. Let our faith guide us in establishing peace and love. Amen.


Pastor Mohit Heinz Hitter


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