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 Annual Garden Fete 



The Annual Garden Fete

Our Garden Fete and Sale has always been a great time of fellowship and fun which has enabled us to work together as a Church family and also to raise the required money towards our LPCEF project and maintenance of our Church.

The Cathedral Church of the Redemption, situated on Raisina Hills is a historical and beautiful edifice, standing tall in splendour and elegance, adjacent to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Built of sandstone, it stands in perfect harmony with the architectural magnificence of Lutyen's Delhi.

The story of the Cathedral revolves around its journey from an Englishman's congregation to a multicultural one. In its diversity, the present church has become one which is truly a house of prayer for all nations. The Cathedral Church members who have tasted the love of Christ have in turn reached out to society to translate that love into action through their numerous outreach programmes. One such programme is the Leprosy Patients' Children's Education Fund. Since 1974 a child whose parent is affected by leprosy has been educated and groomed towards integration in the mainstream of society under this programme. Though the initial numbers were small, today 144 children are being supported. Leprosy, though curable, still continues to be a disease whose victims are subjected to social ostracization. The problems that the children of parents who have leprosy face are many, and call for a gentle helping hand to instil a sense of confidence, meaning and purpose in their lives. With this objective, these children are being educated in different schools in and around the city of Delhi. The programme also enables and encourages these children to find a suitable source of livelihood. Click here to read the testimony of a student who is doing MBA (HR) through IIPM, Delhi i.e. F Alam.

To raise funds for the upkeep of this place of worship and the worthy cause of educating the children of leprosy patients', this Garden Fete is held every year in the church premises. The Annual Garden Fete 2019 was be held on 9th February, 2019.

Donations of products, articles, gift items, etc., for use at various stalls at the fete are deeply appreciated. Donations which are eligible for tax relief under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 would assist us in raising requisite corpus to support our project. For your convenience, a response form for such donations is also available for download.

Many of Church members contribute generously their precious time, talent and hard work towards this and we thank and pray that God would bless them abundantly. Mrs. Kamlesh Jacob has taken on the responsibility as Convenor for the Annual Garden Fete 2019.


Click here to view the photo album of the Garden Fete 2019


Important Dates to Remember in 2020

1 26th January Comnined Service - 4 p.m
2 5th April Palm Sunday Services - English 8:00 am, Tamil 9:45 am, Hindi 11:45 am.
3 9th April Maundy Thursday A Service of Feet Washing, Lord's supper & Love Feast at 6:30 pm.
4 10th April Good Friday - Meditations on the Cross Tamil 8:00 am, English 11:00 am, Hindi 2:00 pm.
5 12th April Easter Services - English 8:00 am, Tamil 9:45 am, Hindi 11:45 am.

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