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The Church's interiors have been adorned with gifts sent by Christian congregations across the world. The following is a list of gifts and the donors:



The silver cross on the high altar

King George V

Flower vases, candlesticks on marble high altar

Lady Grimthorpe and the Ladies of Yorkshire.

The marble high altar and pulpit

made from a donation of Rs.868/- in 1927 from Dean and the Chapter of York Minister.

Figures of Christ, St. Mary and St. John carved at Bolzano in the Italian Tyrol; Lectern Bible and the altar rails on the anniversary of the baptism of King Edwin.

Dean and Chapter of York Minister.

Bishop's seat, Sedilia, the Lectern, Priest's Desks

Dioceses of the Churches of India and Burma

Clergy seats and prayer desks

made from a gift of Rs 10,000 by the congregations of the Churches of India, Burma and Ceylon.

Eight teak pews and plush cushions, the two lunettes painted by A.D. Thomas

Lord and Lady Willingdon

The public address system, including loudspeaker

Lady Willingdon

Christ's baptism painting by A.D. Thomas

gifted by friends of the chaplain

The figures of the crib

purchased from England with the money gifted to the children's corner

Silver cross for children's corner

Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Brandon

Agra stone font built by Sardar Surjit Singh

Mother's Union and friends


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