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The Choir

The Cathedral Church of the Redemption India hosts religious concerts on festivals such as Christmas and Easter every year. The fifty plus choir, a combined group from the English, Tamil and the Hindi choir, performs during all functions and festivals at the Church. The English, Tamil and Hindi sections have carol services. The English choir conducts the neighbourhood carols and the Tamil choir the carol rounds.


The pipe organ was built by Mr. F. Sands, agents of the English organ builders William Hill and Norman and Beard, at a cost of Rs 34,825 in 1931.

It was rehauled and repaired in the year 2003, under the initiative of Commodore Champion.

The organists who have played in the Church were Sergeant Desmond Pye, Arthur Mahinder who played for thirty-two years and Bobby Chandy. The present organists are Mrs. Lydia Thomas, Mrs. Sheila Samuels, Mrs. Catherine Justin, Dr. Kathleen Holloway and Col. Adiseshiah.

We are also grateful to Mr. Raja, Mr. Thomas Dawson Singh, Miss Akala Akangmeren, our choir leaders.

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