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  Women's Fellowship


Women's Fellowship

Office bearers of women fellowship

The aims of WFCS are :

Witnessing - to unite all the women of the Cathedral in the task of witnessing for Christ in their homes, neighbourhood, churches and communities

Prayer Life - to emphasize prayer life, to study the Scriptures and stewardship of time, talent and possessions

Home - to uphold Christian standards of marriage and responsible parenthood, to help members make their homes the centres of Christ-like living

Service - to participate in the Church's work of evangelism, in its ministry of healing, pastoral and education ministry and in social service

Relationships - to recognize, maintain, and create bonds of friendship with the women of our Church and other churches.

Members of our Women’s Fellowship arrange Sunday morning breakfasts occasionally and have been actively participating in the life and witness of the Church. The AGM of the Women’s Fellowship is held once a year and important activities are being planned and executed by its office members. The important activities of WFCS are (i) Bible Study and Retreat (ii) Praying for and visiting the sick (iii) Visits to the homes for the aged and street children and (iv) Fund-raising through break-fast sales on Sundays, etc.

Participation by WFCS in 2016
Easter Vigil
Visit to St.Mary's Old age Home
Visit to the Brotherhood - Christmas
Visit to the Brotherhood - Christmas

The following are the office bearers of Women Fellowship for the year 2014-17.

Sl.No. Name and designation Mobile Number
1. Mrs. Sandra Chandran, President 9899113195
2. Mrs.Rohini Asirvadham, Vice President, 9868769897
3. Mrs. Christine Williams, Secretary 8285604115
5. Mrs.Florence Kumar, Jt. Secreary 9811644931

Programes for the year 2015 - 2016

15.08.15 04pm to 5pm WFCS Bible study by Mrs. Rohini Asirthvatham
16.08.15   Breakfast sale after every service
19.09.15 4pm WFCS Bible study by Merial Michael
02.10.15 10:30am Visit to St.Mary's Home
11.10.15   Breakfast sale after every service
17.10.15 4pm WFCS Bible study by Mrs.Anita Morris
21.11.15 4pm WFCS Bible study by Mrs.Sheila Samuel
December   Breakfast sale after every service
December   Visit by the Night Shelter Boys
09.01.16 10.30am - 2pm WFCS Family get-to-gether with Lunch
13.02.16 12 Noon till 6p.m Church Fete. Home Utility stall by WFCS
13.03.16   World Day of Prayer & International Women's Day
10.04.16   Breakfast sale after every service
23.04.16 4pm WFCS Bible study by Sushma Ramaswamy
08.05.16   Mother's Day and Breakfast Sale after every Service
16.07.16 4pm WFCS Bible study by Sugirtha

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